Working Out the Kinks… Loudly

I have somewhat blue hair. I have a double ear piercing and a cartilage piercing. I worked at a bar. I welcome eclectic people into my life. I retook more than a few classes. I have weird and eventful stories. I occasionally check my dignity at the door.

And I own it.

Weirdly, I am the first to admit my embarrassing and slightly inappropriate stories. Even the stories which I personally loathe. Reason number one, I love to make people laugh, even sometimes at my own expense. Reason number two, I accept that my life consists of both successes and failures.

I can willingly say that I might have gotten wrapped up in a Ponzi scheme – not my brightest move when trying to make friends, I know this now. I can also tell you that the permanent bruise on my knee is from the time I tried to kidnap a cat and fell with it cradled in my arms – which was not the strangest part of that night, to be fair.

Admitting that my life isn’t always pretty can be difficult. Would I rather lead a less interesting, but more stable life? Sometimes. Because I often have moments where I question everything about my current lifestyle and my decisions. I double-guess myself constantly. I ask myself, and  my family members, why can’t my life be more put-together?

But at the same time, I can also say that I am graduating from the Kelley School of Business. I can tell you that I was picked from my peers to participate in the national collegiate sales competition. I can say that in my freshman year, I won the first how business work’s case competition and an iPad.

So here’s the deal. At twenty-two years old and as a post-undergraduate, I shouldn’t have my life figured out. I shouldn’t know exactly who I am or what I want to be. It would be too much for me!

Maybe I don’t need to advertise my struggles as much as my successes. What can I say, if I can find humor in them, others should be able to as well.

I’m not ashamed of anything in my past. While it doesn’t look like it now, every mistake and wrong turn is going to shape me into some strong, independent, bad-ass future Emily. I’m just working the kinks out now, while it’s slightly less-frowned-upon to steal cats.

Even though it seems like I am a chaotic person, I’m really just one step closer to figuring out myself. Loudly, of course, and with style.


*Side Note: Big thank you to my family who continuously stick by my side and (let’s be honest) put up with me and my shenanigans. Love you hooligans.


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